Project Description

I’ve always been fascinated by everything related to the movie world. I found often myself interested most in the editing, the cuts and the continuity than the very plot. I was able to catch the errors that to others seem almost imperceptible and they started to spur me towards this career.
Initially attracted by the world of editing I started my post-high school studies in this field, although over time, attending the various courses, I realized that my true path was that of Script Supervising. I started from there to take one to one courses with my Script supervising teacher and I made it possible to sharpen the art also on the various sets as his assistant, while I was working in other private productions as video editor.
Thanks therefore to all my work experiences in the game I always manage to find and instill in others an ever new enthusiasm.
I am sure that I am a valid element for productions of any kind.



Nome / Name

Chiara Pacenza

Città / City

Reggio Calabria

Prov / Province


CAP / Postal Code



Genere /Class

Segreteria edizione

Data di nascita / Date of birth


Studio / School Studies

Liceo artistico Mattia Preti Reggio Calabria

Formazione / Training

Collaborazioni / Collaborations

Lingue / Languages

Italiano, inglese


Non ho realizzato ancora nessun progetto al di fuori di quelli accademici