Project Description

Hi, my name is Simone Marcelli, I graduated from the University of Calabria in DAMS in 2018 and now I live in Rome.
Since I was a child I had a passion for cinema and I’ve always been fascinated by the world of entertainment. After high school I started a university career to add theory and practice to the passion in the field of film industry. With colleagues and professors, small projects were born that also led to the creation of a small staging of Shakespeare’s “Tempesta” at the Unical theater. After completing my studies, I began to have practical experience in the field. I worked as a production assistant and assistant director in amateur productions, but also in large productions. Now I am in Rome to continue my studies and work steadily in the world of cinema



Nome / Name

Simone Marcelli

Città / City


Prov / Province


CAP / Postal Code




Genere /Class

assistente alla regia

Data di nascita / Date of birth


Studio / School Studies

Laurea Triennale in DAMS/Università della Calabria

Formazione / Training

Collaborazioni / Collaborations

Goon Films srl, Roma; Lotus Production srl, Roma

Lingue / Languages

Italiano, Inglese


Trust/Danny Boyle(Stati Uniti d’America, 2018, serie TV, 55-60 ad episodio, 10 episodi)/Lotus Production srl(Roma, Italia)/Sky Atlantic/Assistente Produzione
Freaks Out/Gabriele Mainetti/Goon Films srl (Roma, Italia)/Assistente alla regia