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In a constantly evolving market such as that of aerial work using UAS (Drones), and where demand is increasingly demanding both in terms of image quality and in terms of safety and regulations, Thirty-eighth UAV stands out for its competence and professionalism , always guaranteeing its customers impeccable results in full compliance with the most current ENAC and EASA regulations.
Since 2012 Demetrio Neri has been taking part in the challenge of flying remotely controlled aircraft by building and experimenting with passion the first prototypes. The long years of training and research soon led him to take off, first becoming a ENAC certified Pilot and Operator and then a Flight Instructor, acquiring in-depth knowledge of aeronautical standards.
Today 38thUAV, with its fleet of drones and cinematographic equipment, has been operating for more than 10 years with the mission of offering a “new perspective” to our customers’ projects, acting as the spokesperson for the change of an entire sector through: aerial and terrestrial shots with unique and breathtaking shots, sharp and amazing images, latest generation equipment and technologies, post-production services and infinite expertise in the field of authorizations for special shootings.
38thUAV is synonymous with seriousness, reliability and safety, and operates on a professional level throughout Europe (ATZ areas included) and in full compliance with the most current aeronautical regulations, also guaranteeing professional insurance coverage towards third parties among the highest in the sector.
Creation of spectacular images for important national and international film productions, prestigious collaborations with institutions, companies and TV.
38thUAV offers professional, flexible, and safe aerial work and film production services, always guaranteeing speed, punctuality, and maximum competence in each project

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38thUAV di Neri Demetrio
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Direttore della Fotografia
Operatore di ripresa
Operatore Gimbal
Pilota e operatore Drone
Lavoro: Il Segreto”
Regia: Augusto Zucchi
Località: Calabria

– Pilota e operatore Drone
Rai Cinema
Lavoro: Tutta colpa della fata Morgana”
Regia: Matteo Oleotto
Località: Calabria

-Pilota e operatore Drone
iif (Italian International Film) Fulvio Lucisano
Lavoro: Aspromonte la Terra degli Ultimi”
Regia: Mimmo Calopresti
Località: Calabria

-Pilota e operatore Drone
Too Many Pixels: Produzione con sede a Londra e Parigi
Località: Palermo

-Pilota e operatore Drone
Wildside :
Lavoro: La mafia uccide solo d’estate 2”
Località: Palermo

-Pilota e operatore Drone
Lavoro: Produzione serie Televisiva – Solo 2”
Località: Calabria

-Pilota e operatore Drone
Lavoro: Shocking Marriage”
Regia: Demetrio Casile
Località: Calabria

Demetrio Neri