Mediano FACE

Short films, Documentaries

Mediano was born with the intention of dealing with Culture and Art at 360 degrees. Mediano FACE stands for File, Art, Culture, Publishing. For this reason, in 2018 he founded a magazine, Mediterraneo and surroundings, in elegant glossy paper with monthly issue and national distribution. In the field of art Mediano has organized a series of exhibitions in Calabria (Catanzaro and Tropea) which have seen various subjects and typologies as protagonists, from the Roman Code Carartelli to Alex Pinna, from Cesare Berlingeri to Vinicio Momoli. In the cultural / literary field, Mediano managed the organization of the first Literary Reviews City of Catanzaro and City of Tropea. In 2022 he activated the “cinema division” with Mediano Film and immediately activated for the making of a documentary on the Riace Bronzes shot in Greece and Italy (Rome-Reggio Calabria-Riace). At the same time, with different crews, he began shooting a series of trailers that are part of a new format for TV in the “crime” genre which is divided into nine different episodes. He will also start a co-production for an already planned film and has already written two screenplays for a film and a TV series that will start in 2023.

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Italiano, Inglese

In fase di ultimazione:
Documentario sui Bronzi di Riace girato in Grecia ed Italia (Roma-Reggio Calabria-Riace).
Una serie di trailer facenti parte di un nuovo format per la tv del genere “crime” che si articola in nove episodi diversi.

Emanuele Bertucci