Open Fields Productions

Documentaries, Feature films and fiction

Open Fields Productions is a cine-audiovisual production company based in Calabria.
Since its establishment, the company has dealt directly both in the production of its own works, and in executive support for films, documentaries, short films and TV programs of other companies, shot on the Calabrian territory.
In-house productions include the feature films “Goodbye Mr President”, “Scale Model” and “Arbëria”, currently distributed on Netflix; the documentaries “Matera 15/19” and “Pagine del Sud”; the short films “Memorie di un Santo in Agosto” and “Prenditi cura di Me”.
In Calabria, he oversaw the executive production and organizational support in the making of: the documentaries “Chi ha ucciso Giovanni Losardo?”, “Breath” and “In Viaggio con Lei”; the short film “Del Padre e del Figlio”; an episode of the Amazon Prime original production “Dinner Club” with chef Carlo Cracco and the American cooking TV program hosted by chef Lidia Bastianich, as well as in the production of some mini-documentaries on tourism promotion for the American company Compass Light and in promotional shootings for some important brands such as Diadora and Xiaomi.

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– “L’Oscar Dimenticato”, Alessandro Nucci (Italia-USA, 2023, documentario) – PRODUZIONE
– “In Viaggio con Lei”, Giovanni Luca Gargano (Italia, 2023, documentario) – PRODUZIONE ESECUTIVA
– “Le Pagine del Sud”, Alberto Bougleux (Italia, 2022, documentario) – PRODUZIONE ESECUTIVA
– “Chi ha Ucciso Giovanni Losardo?”, Giulia Zanfino (Italia, 2022, documentario) – PRODUZIONE ESECUTIVA
– “Del Padre e del Figlio”, Mauro Lamanna (Italia, 2022, cortometraggio) – PRODUZIONE ESECUTIVA
– “Arbëria”, Francesca Olivieri (Italia, 2019, lungometraggio) – PRODUZIONE
– “Prenditi Cura di Me”, Mario Vitale (Italia, 2018, cortometraggio) – PRODUZIONE
– “Matera 15/19”, Vania Cauzillo, Alessandro Nucci (Italia, 2018, documentario) – PRODUZIONE
– “Memorie di un Santo in Agosto”, Samuele Portera (Italia, 2017, cortometraggio) – PRODUZIONE ESECUTIVA

Fabrizio Nucci