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    The undersigned

    1. requires the disclosing/entry of personal information/ data in the section Production on the website: The latter is a database that allows you to locate rapidly the professionals or companies that operate on the territory of Calabria in the field of entertainment, film production and post production ;
    2. authorizes Foundation Calabria Film Commission to make any editorial revisions necessary for appropriate presentation of data , including the elimination of any untrue statements regarding curriculum and collaborations ;
    3. agrees to inform the Calabria Film Commission Foundation of any changes whatsoever regarding the above -mentioned data, in order to ensure the quality and credibility of the service.

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    Please fill-in the word -text fields using capital and small letters where required.
    The Foundation Calabria Film Commission reserves the faculty, at its sole and unquestionable discretion, to accept or not inclusion of the applicant's personal file in section Production.

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    Under Article 13 of legislative decree 196 / 2003 ( Code concerning the protection of personal data ) the Calabria Film Commission , entitled to the processing of personal data , wishes to inform you that:

    • personal data , collected in the full respect of the principles of the Code regarding the protection of personal data ( Legislative Decree no . 196/2003 ) , will be included in a database consenting rapid location of the professionals or companies that operate in Calabria in the field of entertainment, film production and post production;
    • the processing of data for the above purposes is achieved through the use of information and computer systems able to protect and ensure the confidentiality of data and to minimize the danger threshold of unauthorized access, theft or tampering of the data themselves, in compliance with the requirements of Articles 31 and subsequent Decree no. 196/2003 and attached of the same decree;
    • the underwriting of personal data is optional, but failing to record data will incapacitate the provision of consultation and promotion services offered by Calabria Film Commission Foundation;
    • the personal information you provide will be made public on the website and accessible by anyone showing interest;
      the person in charge of personal data processing is Calabria Film Commission Foundation.
    • il responsabile di tale trattamento è Fondazione Calabria Film Commission.

    We furthermore inform that you can avail yourself of the specific rights under Article 7 of legislative decree n.196/ 20031, among which are present those meant to obtain from the entitled, or from the person responsible or from others in charge, the statement of existence or otherwise of personal data and their provision in intelligible form; to have knowledge of the logic and purposes on which processing is based; to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed unlawfully and moreover the updating, rectification or, if required, integration of data; to oppose for legitimate personal reasons to data processing itself.

    I authorize the use of my personal data under the provisions of the Decree. 196/2003 taking note of the information contained in information published on the site

    The undersigned declares to have examined and accepted the conditions and consents to the processing of personal data in conformity with Article 10 of Law n. 675/96.