Anica Academy ETS and Calabria Film Commission announce the launch of the course for Cinematographic Live Sound Engineer

Publication date
30 May 2024

Anica Academy ETS and Calabria Film Commission announce the launch of the new Course for Cinematographic Sound Engineer, an initiative designed to respond to the growing demand for qualified professionals in a constantly evolving sector, where the quality of sound is fundamental for the success of an audiovisual product.

The course is entirely financed by the Calabria Film Commission Foundation and, therefore, free of charge for the admitted students and is open exclusively to 15 residents in the Calabria Region, aged between 18 and 50. The project aims to offer specialised training that meets the needs of the labour market, providing students with technical knowledge and skills, as well as solid practical training. The role of the live sound engineer is crucial in ensuring a high-quality sound recording, an essential element for the success of any film or television production. Participants will therefore have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, use specific software and carry out exercises.

The four-week course will take place between the end of June and July 2024, in Lamezia Terme in the Papa Benedetto XVI industrial zone.

The application deadline is 17 June 2024.

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The Film Production Sound Engineer Course uses a “learning by doing” method that integrates theory and practical experience. During the course, which lasts 50 hours on a bi-weekly basis, students will put into practice the notions they have learnt through field exercises, guided by live sound engineers with film experience. Objectives include: developing the ability to collaborate with other professionals, recognising the different components of sound, using film technologies and software, organising and coordinating the sound department, managing sound editing, understanding the problems of audio post-production and ensuring the quality of the final product by coordinating with the audio and video post-production departments.

The programme consists of:

Theoretical Lessons

– History of Cinematic Direct Recording

– Electroacoustic Components and Systems

– Role and behaviour of the sound engineer on set

– Room acoustics

– Contractual regulations for the work of sound engineers

– Sound encoding and compression systems

– International AES parameters

– Techniques and technologies of live capture

– Sound filming, recording and reproduction techniques

– Screenplay analysis and choice of materials

– Wireless transmission in the direct socket

Workshop Activities

– Assembling and using the Boom

– Basic on-set microphone techniques

– Use of recorders and wireless systems

– Multitrack shooting simulations


A special scientific commission made up of eminent experts in the field and training experts will supervise the teaching plan, the selection of students and their evaluation during and after the course. The scientific commission is appointed by the Management of the ANICA ACADEMY ETS Foundation, after consulting the Founding Members.

  • Simone Costantino (film and television live sound engineer)
  • Andrea Calaprice (microphone operator)
  • Andrea Stucovitz (producer)
  • Alfredo Carbone (director of photography)
  • Sergio Del Prete (director Anica Academy ETS)
  • Luana Fedele (project manager Anica Academy ETS)

Anica Academy ETS, created in 2020 by ANICA, Medusa Film, Netflix, Rai, Paramount and Vision Distribution, joined over time by Gaumont Italia, EOS – Edison Orizzonte Sociale ETS and LABS – Learn Antipiracy Best Skills DI FAPAV. A reality led by President Francesco Rutelli, Secretary General Francesca Medolago Albani and Director Sergio Del Prete, which was created with the primary objective of designing, developing and organising basic and highly specialised training courses in the film and audiovisual professions. It is aimed both at professionals who want to perfect skills they have already acquired, and at young graduates who look to the audiovisual sector as one that offers real opportunities for qualified employment, in line with their knowledge and skills. Consistent with its industry-led DNA, the school offers on-the-job experience – learning by doing – as one of the key elements of all courses, tailored to the specificities of each one, with particular attention to orientation and accompaniment towards further specialisation or towards the world of work for younger students.

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