The Calabria Film Commission Foundation promotes and supports the national and international incoming of audiovisual productions to the regional territory through the disbursement of financial contributions and the adoption of various support and facilitation measures.

Financial contributions

The economic contributions, in accordance with the provisions of Article 54, paragraph 3 of Reg. 651/2014, are granted, following a public procedure, in the form of a capital contribution, on the basis of a ranking assessment procedure. Grant applications may relate to the production of feature films, television series, fiction, documentaries, short films and video clips, on the basis of the provisions of each individual public notice.

Beneficiaries must incur expenditure on the territory of the Region Calabria amounting to at least 160% of the aid granted.

The employment of workers and artists resident in Calabria, in line with the support and consolidation policies adopted by the Foundation in relation to the regional audiovisual sector, constitutes a bonus.

Enhancing the landscape and regional identity is a bonus.

Other services

  • free access to the Production Guide, dedicated to local actresses, actors, production and service companies with residence and/or registered office in the region;
  • location research, via the online database in the Location Guide and any support for specific needs, which can be requested by sending an e-mail to with the subject “location search support”;
  • realisation of territorial public/private partnerships in relation to individual projects;
  • intermediation activities with local authorities and public and private entities for the granting of authorisations, concessions and permits;
  • support for historical and documentary research.

Within the scope of its activities, the Foundation also takes the following measures:

  • support for and participation in industry events, festivals and exhibitions dedicated to the audiovisual sector;
  • digitisation of the regional audiovisual heritage;
  • realisation of vocational training courses.

Fondazione Calabria Film Commission

Viale Europa, Località Germaneto – 88100, Catanzaro

T: +39 0961 853836