Ornella Muti opens the Lamezia International Film Fest. The festival kicks off the season of film events supported by the Calabria Film Commission

Publication date
10 July 2022

On Tuesday 12 July, with the Lamezia International Film Fest, the ideal itinerary – which will run throughout the summer (until 18 September) and embrace the entire Calabrian territory – will open through the festivals and reviews supported by the Calabria Film Commission Foundation (within the framework of the Public Notice for the support to the realisation of Film and Audiovisual Festivals and Reviews in Calabria 2022), led by the Extraordinary Commissioner Anton Giulio Grande. A journey through 13 festivals and 6 reviews, presenting 20% of the programming of films and products made in Calabria, an artistic thread reinforced by the presence, at each event, of a Calabria Film Commission panel, of a cultural and informative nature.
Kicking off this cinematic journey will be the Lamezia Film Fest, now in its ninth edition: Until 16 July, between the Tip Teatro and the Piedichiusa Park, the festival directed by Gianlorenzo Franzì will offer a journey through cinema, in its different expressions and genres, including short films, retrospectives with the “Debuts of the Author”, attention to new comedy that also expresses social, cultural and political criticism (with the Villaggio Award), works of national and international importance, with a look – in the “Made in Calabria” section – also at films made in Calabria and signed by young directors, special events and workshops. And great guests: starting with Ornella Muti, who will open the first evening, that of 12 July, during which the film “La moglie più bella” (The most beautiful wife) by Damiano Damiani will be screened, which marked the actress’s debut, giving the “la” to a career full of successes, also at an international level (during the festival two other films interpreted by her will be screened, “Codice privato” and “La ragazza di Trieste”). Ornella Muti will be the protagonist of a talk, at which the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission, Anton Giulio Grande, will present the actress with an award, as will, on 13 July, another of the festival’s exceptional protagonists, one of the greatest interpreters of Italian cinema and theatre, Toni Servillo. The actor will participate in the second evening, during which Mario Martone’s “Theatre of War” will be screened, one of the first films that marked his collaboration with the Neapolitan director.
Two protagonists of our cinema, of international renown, who will open a festival, as mentioned, full of guests: from Marcello Cesena and Ugo Dighero, among the founders (together with Maurizio Crozza, Carla Signoris and Mauro Pirovano) of the Broncoviz comedy group, to Lina Siciliano (star of the film “Una femmina”), from Ciro De Caro and Rosa Palasciano, director and performer of the film “Giulia”, to directors Bonifacio Angius and Andrey Khrzhanovskiy.