“The Good Mothers”, an alternative narrative look

Publication date
23 February 2023

A real story, but from an unusual perspective. A different narrative line, not usual, the one chosen by the author and directors of “The Good Mothers” (the Disney+ series, produced by Juliette Howell, Tessa Ross and Harriett Spencer for House Productions and by Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, a company of the Fremantle group, and realised with the support of the Calabria Film Commission, which won the “Berlinale Series Award” in the Berlinale Series section of the Berlin International Film Festival): not only to tell the story of organised crime starting from the stories of women born and raised within the clans, but to talk about the women who rebelled against the ‘ndrangheta, their own families, to emancipate themselves from that world and give their children a different future. A narration that chooses not to show violence, but aims to investigate the inner journey of these mothers, their decision. A different vision, therefore, that starts precisely from the vision of women, from their strength: like that of the pm, who is the pivot of the story, who has the intuition to start from the rebellion of these women to unhinge the system. Women protagonists, who seek to overturn visions, schemes and who try to make justice prevail. A universal “message”, that of this story, said director Elisa Amoruso, which can be “shared by so many women who, albeit in different ways, are still struggling against patriarchy”. Strong, painful, courageous stories, of which the producers emphasise the positivity, with a tale that escapes the “mythologisation of criminality”, offering “a feminine look without rhetoric”.