HTMC srl

Event organising agencies, Product placement

We organize events from A to Z, starting from the presentation, the website, the social networks, we manage the staff and logistics, we take care of the information systems, sound and security, finally marketing and satisfaction, pre, during and post. Creatives, technicians and designers who work together to define an idea, make it feasible, but which takes into account the economic budget, the technical feasibility, but above all the strategic effectiveness of communication, right from the early planning stages. Our primary aim is to offer powerful, significant and indelible experiences, arouse emotions, capture attention, so that a brand, a message, an image can reach its audience in a convincing, coherent and spontaneous way with its values. of reliability. Experiences capable of bringing added value to the brand in terms of relationships, communication and development. Without ever neglecting the technical-IT implementation which is, indeed, our core business, having worked a lot in the healthcare IT sector.
Every event is the realization of a dream. We dedicate all our knowledge, all our efforts, all our skills to these dreams. There is only one objective: to realize in the best possible way what we have thought and designed with care and meticulousness, respecting the needs expressed by the customer and also imagining the hidden ones, the magical ones, the ones waiting to be found.

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Ci siamo occupati di eventi sportivi, fiere di paese, ma soprattutto abbiamo curato l’organizzazione, la comunicazione, la formazione, l’assistenza ed il sistema informativo per l’avvio dei Pronto Soccorso dell’AO di Cosenza e Reggio Calabria, dell’Asp di Crotone, nonché tutto il sistema informativo dell’AO di Cosenza.

Marco Bombini